Free CNA Training

Finding Free CNA Training

You can always opt for free CNA training, if you are planning a career in health care field. With the industry growing exponentially, there is a rising demand for qualified CNAs. The good thing about being a CNA is that the training does not take long and it is available for free. You can enroll in a school or college for the certification, but there are other options too.

Red Cross CNA Training

Red Cross is the best way to get your CNA training for free. With presence in more than 80 countries, their programs are admired around the world. You will get excellent training from an internationally recognized organization, and there aren’t any high requirements to enroll in Red Cross program either.

You have to be over the age of 18 and not have any infectious disease. Expecting women are also not allowed to register. If you fit the criteria, you will be accepted to one of their programs. You will have an amazing nurse aide training experience, all free of cost.

Nursing Homes For Free CNA Training

Equally good are nursing homes and long-term health care facilities in your locality. They are an excellent source for Free CNA training. They have years of experience which can help you learn all that you need to know as a nursing assistant.

The best thing about nursing homes is that they also offer to pay for your nursing assistant certification, if you agree to work for them after you complete your program. This ensures that your educational costs are covered and a job is secured after you complete your school. You will not have to look for jobs, and that gives you peace of mind. A few of the nursing homes, will not only cover your certification costs, but also pay you a stipend to attend a certification program – only if you agree to work for them later. This is a win-win situation.

Scholarships For Nurse Aide Training

If you plan to do your CNA training at a local community college, you can look for ways to make it free. You can check for schools that provide scholarships or some sort of financial assistance. Since the field is growing, many schools are encouraging students to enroll in a program by offering them financial assistance.

You can also contact the Board of Nursing and State Nurse Aide Registry. The board provides, on merit and need basis, scholarships to students pursuing nursing assistant certification. This will help reduce your certification costs.

If a nursing school or community college is far from where you live or if you plan to get the certification while you work, you can always enroll in an online CNA training program. These programs are administered by various nursing schools. They provide you the ease of attending your classes from home, with flexibility of class timings.

Temporary Employment

This method may not be completely free, but it will support your goal to achieve nursing assistant certification. Use this method when the above ones have exhausted. There are many organizations that offer you temporary work. They will ask you to either work on a project for several months or give you some other task, as they see fit. The income you receive can help you get CNA training. You need to be true and clear with your employer about what you want. Some organizations are considerate and may even help you with your goal.

Now that you know where to get free CNA training, you are one step closer to beginning your new career as a certified nursing assistant.


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